The Mapleton of Andover, Kansas

Assisted Living & Memory Care

An Extension of Home

Our residents experience fewer hospital stays, and a higher quality of life. We call it "The Mapleton Effect," and it's no accident.

​When you trust us to care for you, we know that the little things matter. That's why we designed unique methods for supporting healthy eating, sleeping, and social interaction. It's why you'll routinely notice our residents laughing over a game, getting help with a personal hobby, or taking a cozy nap in the living room. It's why we own a bus for excursions and why we throw events like outdoor movie nights and Thanksgiving feasts with family.

The Mapleton is designed to look, feel, and be like home.

The Mapleton Feels Like Home

Maddison F
It's a very nice spacious place, clean and people ready to help as you walk in. Plenty of activities throughout the day and weekend too.
Terry S
Beautiful facility, amazing caring staff. You can't do any better!
Danielle S
The staff are whole heartedly devoted to care and meet the needs of their residents, They are more then determined to meet every need that is requested by resident and or family member. They always have their heads held high with a smile of positivity on their faces. The presence in The Mapleton environment is very laid back and has a home like feeling.
M Smith
Feels more like a real home. Love the kitchen.
Jay W
Amazing CNA to resident ratio. Promotes high quality care and quick emergency response for residents. Highly recommended.

Amenities —We've Got You Covered

  • New building, freshly updated
  • Cozy and designed like home
  • More caretakers per resident
  • Medication management
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Full private bathrooms
  • Market fresh meals
  • Laundry & cleaning
  • Games & activities
  • Wellness program
  • Happy Caretakers
  • Squeaky clean
  • Postal service
  • Hair salon
  • And more...
LivNow - It's a good move

FREE Moving Concierge

While The Mapleton's care will come as a welcome relief for you or your family, we understand that moving and downsizing from your current home can involve a lot of work! That's why we've partnered with LivNow Relocation, a professional senior relocation service, to help you or your loved ones manage the heavy lifting.

LivNow acts as a no-cost "moving concierge" to connect you with help services for downsizing and moving as well as manage communication and logistics for the move. This service is a lifesaver for many of our residents and reduces the need for family to travel or take time off from work to support the move.

Questions? Give us a call. LivNow's help is free to you, and you pay service providers directly if you choose to use them. Feel free to get in touch even before you finalize your care plans.
Laura Barca
Dedicated Relocation Specialist
Laura Barca

Find Connection & Support

At The Mapleton, we understand that feeling at home is more than simply having a beautiful place to stay, it's about being in a place where you feel connected to family, friends, and community. We want each of our residents to feel that the entire Mapleton home is an extension of their own living space. It's a place where they can socialize, learn, relax, enjoy hobbies, and have fun. We strive each day to create opportunities to build friendships and stay connected to loved ones and the local community.
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Short-Term Care
  • Respite Care / Adult Day-Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Short-Term Care
  • Respite Care / Adult Day-Care

Visit Us in Andover

Questions? Give us a call or drop by our Andover, Kansas location. We highly recommend that you schedule in advance so that one of our knowledgeable staff will be available to show you around.

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